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  • Patterdale terrier x

  • 5 years old

  • No small furries

  • Prefer someone home more often than not 

  • Travels well

  • No young kids 

  • Secure garden

  • health issues to be considered 

Alfie is a 5 year old, neutered, Border x Patterdale mix. He is super handsome and has a temperament to match. A very soft natured, sweet and affectionate boy. A little timid and nervous at times, he really is a gentle soul. Previously lived a quieter life just himself and his elderly owner. The owners granddaughter did walk him daily and Alfie was a big hit with local dogs and their owners. Always happy for a fuss from neighbours and a run around with his doggy friends on the local field. He came into rescue as sadly his owner passed away. Alfie is great with all dogs. Lovely with people. We're told babies/toddlers make him nervous and somewhat stressed so no young ones please. He's used to having an owner around more often than not but has settled well in foster for reasonable periods alone. He's house trained and a good eater. He can pull a little on lead to begin but settles nicely into his walks. He absolutely loves being out and about on adventures, a total water baby to. He could live with another neutered dog pending successful meet and greet. Alfie does have a stiff back leg which is obvious to see when he is walking. It was broken as a very young pup. The leg was operated on at the time and pinned back into place. We would recommend any new owner take him for a few physio/hydrotherapy sessions. We have had a dog into rescue previously with the same break and the benefit of physio has been great. (Little Nell if anyone remembers her) . He will have arthritis in that leg it just comes with breaks. Our advice would be to put him on a good joint supplement....there are many on the market such as riaflex, yumove, maxxiflex etc. Cost isn't great and they can make a great deal of different. Alfie is currently over weight and again getting this under control will absolutely make a huge difference. He currently takes no meds for this old injury. We would advise walks are paced and fitness built up. I do hope his old injury doesn't pup people off. He loves to run and play and do zoomies. It absolutely does not hold him back at all, it is simply something to be aware of and support as advised above. There is never a day Alf isn't up for an adventure and with the correct support his fitness levels will only improve. Otherwise he is in good health. Alfie is an absolute gem of a dog. He will make someone a fabulous companion. I think a doggy companion may do him the world of good confidence and fitness wise. Alf deserves the world. He really is such a sweet boy. Missing his previous owner I'm sure but doing so very well in foster.

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