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Application to adopt

When applying to adopt please be sure to answer in as much detail as possible, answering with basic one word answers will result in your application being terminated. Successful applicants will be contacted in 48 hours to proceed with the next steps, this include a homecheck and meet and greet. Adoption fee is £300.

Do you have permission from your landlord to keep a dog in your property
Please describe your garden
How high are your fences?
Upload File
If your application is succesfull when will you be ready to adopt?
Is anyone in the home or regulary visiting allergic to dogs?
Is anyone in the home or regularly visiting fearful of dogs?
Toilet training
Pulling on lead
Not good with/ reactivity towards dogs outside the home
High prey drive
Mouthiness (common with but not limited to puppies)
Resource guarding ( food, toys ect)
Seperation anxiety
Health issues ( eg sickness bugs, minor surgeries etc )
Long term health issues
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