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These dogs are looking for foster. Whilst a dog is in foster we require regular updates and pictures. The rescue will cover all costs for vet work and kit needed. If you'd be interested in becoming a fosterer you can apply here. 

Oscar and Bracken

Oscar and Bracken are settling in and finding their feet. They are the most adorable duo. Very sweet natured gorgeous dogs. We'll get them up to the vet in the next week or so. They need dental and spay to get them adoption ready. Time we cover another dental, spay, bloods will equal another hefty bill. I hate to be forever holding out the begging bowl but there is a fundraiser attached below... if anyone is able to contribute it is massively appreciated. We will get onto some separate general fundraising later in the month when we have a moment to catch our breath. We have some events in the pipeline . Adoption post will go up in due course but anyone wishing to register interest is welcome to complete an application... They will need to go out as a pair without other dogs in the home. Or possibly separate, in which case Oscar could live with other dogs but Bracken would need to be an only. Up to now I can say they travel well, walk very nicely on lead, pass other dogs without issue, they are playful, affectionate and generally full of beans. Oscar the more confident of the pair. A full detailed post will follow in due course.

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