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Oscar and Bracken

  • ​Border Terriers 

  • Bonded pair

  • 10 and 8  years old

  • No small furries

  • No other dogs or visiting dogs

  • Can be left reasonable periods

  • Oscar travels well

  • Bracken Squeaky in the car

  • No young kids (10+) 

  • Secure garden 

We'd really like to keep this pair together, they are a bonded pair and very sweet together. As a pair they would need to be the only pets in the home. Absolutely fine passing other dogs outdoors but Bracken didn't get on with the other bitch they previously lived with. They are very playful, affectionate and loving with their humans and each other. They can be left reasonable periods . Bracken is a little excitable and squeaky in the car , Oscar travels fine. Just about housetrained, Oscar has marked in his foster home but in their own home we believe this would quickly resolve. Oscar will have a dental and bloods in rescue and Bracken will be spayed. They both came in with sore ears but we're hopeful a change in diet will resolve this. They're otherwise fit and healthy. They were previously left alone long periods and although they can be left without issue we do want a home that has much more time for them moving forward. They absolutely love their walks and get so excited when the leads come out . They pull a little initially but soon settle. They havent been around children but live happily in foster with a savvy 12 year old. They need a secure garden . A commited and loving home . Vet work will be complete before leaving but applications are open.

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