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We love equafleece, can't recommend them enough. They perfect jumpers for any breed, age, size... toasty warm, waterproof and terrier proof. For all those terrors who like to zoom through the prickly bushes and dive into the muddiest puddles to the tiniest chihuahuas pottering about these are the perfect coats for every occasion. Equafleece keep your pups clean, dry and looking gorgeous. With such a variety of designs and colours there really is something to suit every dog, from full suits, to the basic jumper, you can even customize it with a zip for the dogs that dont like things over their heads. We do love our matching gear here so most of our equafleec come in our pack colour purple 💜 but they offer a much wider variety of colours from the basics🌈, pastels, neon, even animal print.


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