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Honorary terrier Bella

New girl Bella is a 5 year old caucasian shepard who recently joined the rescue. So far we've learnt shes a super friendly giant who will do anything for cooked chicken and sausages.

Shes been starting her socialisation journey this week, we will be working on her recall skills and staying abit calmer around other dogs and people as she's like a giant excitable puppy at the moment and definitely does not realise that shes actually huge 🙈. She's been doing great and is thoroughly enjoying rural life from rolling in muck, chasing pheasants and sniffing for mice in the long grass. She's also been watching ( from a safe distance) all the baby lambs skipping about which she loves to sit and do on the sunny evenings, thank goodness for the longer light evenings ☀️.

Just look at that squishy little face, adorable is the only way to describe. Shes getting a bath and blowdry tonight as shes shedding her coat and also hasnt been properly groomed for a long while so you touch her and end up covered in hair 😂.


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