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Ive filled in an application form, now what?

Our admin team will review your application and respond to successful applicants within 48 hours. We wish we could get back to everyone but we are a small team so cannot respond to everyone. Each dog can get an influx of applications so you may not be an unsuitable home, it may just be that we had many suitable applications. We encourage you to apply for other animals you could offer a home to.

Where are you based?

We are based in the north east. We do rehome UK wide for the right home. However if you are wanting to foster you do need to be in the north east to access the rescue vets.

How much is adoption fee?

Minimum adoption fee is £300. We are a self funded rescue. The adoption donation helps to cover the basics such as neuter, vaccinations, flea & worm... It generally doesnt come close to what has been spent on individual dogs.

What is RBU?

RBU means rescue backup. We offer rescue back up for the entirity of the dogs life. This means if anything happens the dog will always have a space here in the rescue.

If you have a question not answered above, send us your questions our admin team will get back to you when possible

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